With a glamorous Miami Shore office, a successful line of skin care products and a deal with the Miami Heat as an official team physician, dermatologist Dr. Angelo Thrower is a busy man. And yet, his passion remains intact: giving minority patients the care and attention they deserve.

Dr. Thrower’s focus throughout his almost 30-year career in dermatology has been treating, studying and catering to “ethnic skin.” Over the years, he’s gained a national reputation as an experienced skin care expert, and he uses his status to create African American skin care products that specialize in the needs of patients with diverse skin, which are sold exclusively in his Miami Shore office.

Dr. Thrower grew up in Miami playing basketball and going to church. He said he first became interested in medicine when his mother took him to her job as a hospital cafeteria worker. Dr. Thrower originally planned to become a professional basketball player, but he chose to pursue medicine and graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1989. Later, he graduated from the George Washington University Medical Center. In the 1990s, Dr. Thrower’s career began to take off. In 1991, he opened Dr. Thrower’s Dermatology, Skin Care and Medi-Spa, Inc. in Miami Shores. The center was Miami’s first dermatology office that specialized in black and ethnic skin disorders.

His line of dermatology products, Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care, launched in 1994. Dr. Thrower started the line to create specific products and customize care for his patients. Items range from body care, skin care, hair care and shaving products. The newest addition is a series of body care products called Total Solution Kits. Each kit includes a collection of products such as moisturizers, creams and cleansers to treat skin disorders like dry skin and eczema. So far two kits have been released, one including an açaí natural moisturizer and the other a soothing body creamy ointment.

In between then, Dr. Thrower became an official dermatology and skin care physician for the popular NBA basketball team the Miami Heat. He’s been with the team and a member of the Professional Team Physicians for 26 years.

In addition to being a practicing physician, Dr.Thrower is an author. He wrote “Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional” and co-authored “Skin Care: How to Save Your Skin.” He’s even ventured into hair care by co-writing the book “Basic Care for Naturally Textured Hair.”

But the base of Dr. Thrower’s work is done in his Miami Shore office. There, he offers treatments for everything from facials and acne treatment to fat reduction surgeries and skin lightening. The office is also the exclusive carrier of Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care products.

Dr. Thrower’s path to success can serve as an inspiration to all. What advice does he give to those going into dermatology or entering other medical fields? On his blog, he answered, “Must be purpose driven, expect setbacks and convert them into set-ups, and have faith in God’s promise.” Dr. Thrower has followed this advice closely, and it’s helped make him a prominent, respected doctor and a staple of South Florida skin care.